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Sewage Pumps

Domestic & Commercial Engineers for Sewage Pumps, Wastewater Pumps, Pumping Stations & Sump Pumps. Pump Repair, Installation & maintenance.

Sewage Pumps

Sewage Pump Repairs & Installation

Sewage and waste water pump repair and installation

We repair all sewage, Waste Water or Drainage Pumps. We can also help with electrical approval of a Sewage Pump or Waste Water pumps. We install a wide variety of pumps and equipment including Holden & Brooke, Pullen, ABS, Crane, Simpson Flygt and Worthington

Adoptable Pumping Stations

Adoptable Pumping Station Repair and Design

Adoptable pumping stations for new housing developments or commercial properties which are fully compliant with local water authority and meet the requirements of ‘Sewers for Adoption 7th Edition’ & the ‘Water Industry Standard’ (WIS).

Flood, Storm & Surface Water

Flood Storm & Surface Water

Hallwell can deal with all flood water from storms, floods and drainage. We are equipped to pump water and sewage. The engineers at Hallwell unblock the source of the problem, deal with flood water and get the water flowing smoothly again.

Sewage And Waste Water Pump Service

A failed sewage or waste water pump can result in flooding damage to your property. Drainage pumps may need repairing which will prevent the pump system from blocking up.

Sometimes a pump replacement is needed or a new installation requires a new waste water pump, sewage pump, drainage pump or sump pump.

Hallwell can help with sewage pump or waste water pump electrical approval or certification which is important when buying or selling a home that requires waste water pumps.

Our Drainage Engineers at Hallwell deal with a wide range of pumps and pumping equipment including Holden & Brooke, Pullen, Crane, ABS, Flygt, and Worthington Simpson . 

Sewage Pump Repair & Installation

We repair sewage pumps and we also repair waste water pumps. Sometimes a pump will need replacing and we provide sewage pump and wastewater pump replacement and installation. A failed sewage pump, waste water or drainage pump may result in flooding and property damage. We can fix all sewage and waste water pumps. We also provide electrical approval and certification which is important when buying or selling a home that has a need for waste water pumps.


Sewage Pump Repair

Pumping Stations

At Hallwell we have over 40 years experience providing pumping systems to the specification of the Water Company. We install, maintain and repair pumping stations and adoptable pumping stations. We are pumping station engineers and can fix all pumping station problems. We provide a range of sewage pumps, waste water pumps and pumping stations.Our pumping station systems can be designed to pump various heights, distances and are specified to meet the requirements of ‘Sewers for Adoption 7th Edition’ and the ‘Water Industry Standard’ (WIS).

Adoptable Pumping Stations

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